21 Apr 2013

REVIEW: In The Air (The City #1) by Crystal Serowka


It all began on a New York City sidewalk. It was so surreal. Juilliard, the enormous brick building that held my dreams and the possibilities of my future. I was prepared for the challenges ahead. What I didn’t expect was to lose my focus the second I met him. Living the dance was no longer the only important thing in my life.

The City opened my eyes, but he transformed me.

Two dancers. One big city. He was determined to make a new start. She was ready to make it in the ballet world. Neither expected love to play a part in achieving their dreams. They also didn't expect it to be so destructive. Samson and Natalia took the leap anyway, not worrying about the fall.

My Thoughts

Absolutely amazing! In The Air is written mainly from Natalia's and Samson's point of view (POV), but we are also given a small glimpse of Kingsley's and Aubrey's side.

I loved how the story flowed, and the POV changeover with each new chapter was flawless. Crystal Serowka definitely has a fantastic writing style! I was drawn into it from the very beginning. It was so easy to get lost in the world of Natalia and Samson, to feel what they were feeling and understand their fears and hopes and dreams.

I also felt connected to Aubrey. I didn't like her very much, but I totally understood what she felt and why she did what she did. I hope we get a novella with a bit more of Aubrey's history, and maybe her relationship with Samson's father. It would make a great companion piece, if not it's own novel!

Kingsley and Wren I didn't connect with as much. Kingsley obviously has a lot going on behind her tough promiscuous exterior. I didn't dislike her, but I wanted to know more. Wren is one of Samson's best friends, and a bit of a mystery. He obviously has something pretty special going on - at least for Kingsley!

Overall, this is a fantastic book! I can't wait for the next book in the series to get inside the minds of Kingsley and Wren. I want to know... I need to know... More about them!

My Rating


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