12 Jun 2013

REVIEW: Night Talk by Maxine Sullivan


From USA Today bestselling author Maxine Sullivan comes a fast-talking, no-holds-barred battle of the sexes...played out live on air!

When Zac Ryan is roped into replacing an absent guest on a Chicago radio talk show, he decides to have some fun. After all, he's Australian, on vacation, and fellow host Cassie is something else. So when their chemistry burns up the airwaves, it’s a no-brainer to come back for a few more shows.

But the difference between Cassie’s sexy on-air personality and her prickly, professional off-air self makes Zac wonder which side of her is real — and whether he’s the man to find out.

My Thoughts

Maxine Sullivan is another author that is new to me, and I must admit, I loved Night Talk!

It was a fun and humorous read. The constant flirtatious banter between Cassie and Zac was very entertaining, but the story also had it's serious side.

There were quite a few supporting characters throughout the story, but it never came across as too many. Each person had their own role to play within the story of Cassie and Zac.

There was a lot of drama going on towards the end, and it had me second guessing whether Cassie and Zac were actually going to get their happy ending. I was thrilled when I finished the book. So much so that I had happy tears!

Night Talk is due for release on July 1, 2013. I was given an Advanced Review Copy of this book to read and review.

My Rating


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