21 Jul 2013

REVIEW: Obsession (Darkness Falls #1) by Ivory Quinn


My soul was nothing but an ink stain of consequence.
You made me Canute, the foolish man,
Trying to turn back the rolling tide of your dark.
And I drowned.
I drowned.

Gabriel Hallow is a damaged man. Rock star, producer and public enemy number one, he sees his redemption in quiet, wholesome school teacher Noelle Winters. Crashing into her life like a wrecking ball, he smothers her innocence and leads her down the razor's edge between submissive and victim, opening her eyes to things she didn't even know could happen between a man and a woman. Overwhelmed by his generosity and charm, how far will she go to save his soul? And when is it too late to turn back?

* With bondage and multiple scenes of a sexual nature, this descent into the darkest parts of the human psyche is not for the faint of heart, or the under 18s.

My Thoughts

I seriously don't know where to begin! This book absolutely wrecked me, causing my second "book hangover" in less than a week! And I loved every moment of it!

In Obsession, we meet Noelle Winters. Noelle is a school teacher whose life is fairly ordinary. She goes to work and on her lunch break, often frequents a nearby coffee shop. It's at this coffee shop that she meets Gabriel.

Gabriel Hallow is sweet and charming and sweeps Noelle off her feet. As their relationship progresses, Gabriel confesses to Noelle who he really is - the lead singer of Darkness Falls.

Noelle sees past his public image, and falls for the man that he is. But Gabriel is far from being perfect. He has suffered from abuse in the past, which has lead to him wanting to dominate in the bedroom (or should I say playroom ;) ?)

I'm not going to give too much away, but I will say this: You really have to read Obsession for yourself. It's not your average romance. It's dark, twisted, full of angst and at times downright disturbing. It is definitely a dark erotic read and *SPOILER* it doesn't have a happy ending.

The writing style of Ivory Quinn is fantastic. I felt connected with the characters instantly. I was completely drawn in to their world. I felt the emotions of both Noelle and Gabriel. I guess it helps that the sex was amazingly HOT too ;)

If you haven't read Obsession yet, I seriously suggest that you do. And Soon!

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