3 Aug 2013

REVIEW: Real Ugly (Hard Rock Roots #1) by C.M. Stunich


Turner Campbell is an asshole.

I f*cking hate him.
But I can't get enough either.
He sings like an angel and f*cks like a devil.
If I could, I'd run away and never look back because to tell you the truth, I think this man might be the death of me.


Naomi Knox is a bitch.
I can't f*cking stand her.
But I can't stop thinking about her either.
She looks like an angel and plays like a devil.
If I could, I'd f*ck her good and forget all about her, but to tell you the truth, I think this woman might be my last saving grace.

My Thoughts

I'm kind of  speechless right now! I have just finished reading Real Ugly (OK, it was about 10 minutes ago) and I still can't think of a word to describe it! The only ones that come to mind are words like WOW! AMAZING! AWESOME! But you know what? They don't do it justice! Real Ugly is above those descriptive words, and risen to a league of it's own!

In case you don't understand the synopsis, Real Ugly is about rock stars. It's not a pretty story. In fact, it's "Real Ugly". There's rock stars, music, drugs, sex, violence and a lot, and I mean A LOT, of swearing. But you know what else? I LOVED every minute of it!

Naomi Knox is the guitarist for Amatory Riot. She's outspoken, has a unique way of thinking and a has a couple of deeply hidden secrets. To use Turner Campbell's words...

Naomi Knox is strange as fuck.

Turner Campbell is the singer for Indecency, and he's sexy as hell! Tattoos, pierced tongue and a body you could die for! But, he's an asshole! He has sex with a different girl each night. He treats everyone like shit, and he definitely has a "holier than though" attitude. He's top dog, and he knows it!

Naomi and Turner get under each other's skin. They hate each other, but there's spark there between them too. Some serious chemistry.

Naomi isn't just under my skin anymore; she's in my blood and my brain and all sorts of strange friggin' places that ache for her.

Naomi's secrets are revealed as the story unfolds. You're not left wondering about them constantly. And there's a CLIFFHANGER! A MASSIVE ONE! I still can't get my head around how Real Ugly ended. The up side of the cliffhanger? I get to jump straight in to Get Bent,the next book in the series.

I loved C.M. Stunich's writing style. She has the ability to suck you in to the book from the start. She then keeps you hanging by a thread the entire time you're reading. Then, she rips your heart out and stomps on it at the end! It was FANTASTIC!

My Rating


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