11 Aug 2013

REVIEW: Redemption (Darkness Falls #2) by Ivory Quinn


‘Cause you are my invisible strings
You’re the ties that bind me whole
You’re all that keeps me together
You’re the dark matter of my soul

It’s been six long months since Gabriel left and Noelle’s nightmares are swallowing her whole. 

In a last ditch attempt to save her sanity, Jax takes her to Cal Henway, the infamous and enigmatic Master of Kink, to see if he can slay her demons. He, in turn, entrusts her care to Master Blue – Dom, loveable rogue and practical joker. 

Blue knows the only way to silence her demons is to sate them, but will his journey through the darkest parts of her desires save her, or break her beyond all repair?

My Thoughts

Redemption continues on from where Obsession finished. Noelle is still tortured by her nightmares, and the fact that she likes what she is doing in them. She just can't fathom that something she was brought up to believe was wrong, and society frowns upon, stirs something inside her the way that it does. Trying to help, Jax takes Noelle to see Cal Henway, the Master of Kink.

And so, the story follows Noelle as she attempts to fix what Gabriel had broken within her. and reclaim her life as her own. 

It's not all smooth sailing, but what journey of self discovery is?

I liked how we were given a "behind the scenes" look into the Dom/Sub world, and all the variations of kink. It totally amazed me with the amount of variation in the lifestyle.

I found Redemption to be a fantastic read! It was humourous in places resulting in me having a massive grin across my face :) But I also had tears in places - I mean literally crying! I connected with the characters on a whole new level, and I absolutely loved every minute of the ride!

Ivory Quinn's writing style is flawless. It drags you completely into the story in such a way that you feel that you are there right along side the characters. I could totally picture myself walking around the manor in awe of the rooms there ;)

If you have read Obsession, you definitely need to read this and continue the story! I can't wait to find out what happens next. I'm hoping that there will be a third installment!

My Rating


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