17 Oct 2013

REVIEW: Burn (Spark #2) by Brooke Cumberland


Just when Velaney thinks she is safe again…her worst nightmare comes back to haunt her. Eric is dealing with his own insecurities as he tries to accept Velaney’s decision to help the enemy…can he get past it? Will they be there for each other in the end? He struggles to step aside and trust Velaney...but will his past keep him from doing so? Can he let go in order to move forward? Velaney and Eric had their fair share of ups and downs in SPARK…they love was undeniable and intense. Just when you think they could get their happily ever after…pasts collide and merge together…will they fight for what they want? Or will their love crash and burn?

My Thoughts

Burn, the second book in the Spark series, was absolutely AMAZING! I totally LOVED it! The angst, drama and turmoil that constantly surrounds Eric and Velaney was back, and bigger and better than ever! Burn continues on from where Spark left us with Eric and Velaney on the plane heading to his parents ranch in Texas.

So much happened in Burn for Eric and Velaney, and I don't want to give too much away. There were both good and bad times for both of them.

In typical Velaney style, she would continually push Eric away when she needed him the most. And Eric, although mad at her for doing it, was right there waiting for when she was ready to come to him. Actually, Eric was a lot more 'love sick puppy' this time around.

In Burn, both Eric and Velaney have to finally deal with their pasts. Eric's past was not as tragic as Velaney's, but I thoroughly enjoyed learning about it. It explains why he became a firefighter.

We learn most of Velaney's past in Spark. And if you thought that was shocking, you are on for one hell of a surprise in Burn! There's more to the story of Velaney's past - much more! I didn't expect it to be what it was, but my gosh! I never for the life of me would have predicted it.

The connection with the characters was instantly there, but I had not long ago read Spark, so I already knew them. I loved watching Velaney grow this time, and become more self assured, confident, and finally finding the inner strength to stand up for herself.

If you enjoyed Spark, you definitely need to read this to continue Eric and Velaney's story!

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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