20 Oct 2013

REVIEW: Gabriel's Rapture (Gabriel's Inferno #2) by Sylvain Reynard


Professor Gabriel Emerson has embarked on a passionate, yet clandestine affair with his former student, Julia Mitchell. 

Sequestered on a romantic holiday in Italy, he tutors her in the sensual delights of the body and the rapture of sex. But when they return, their happiness is threatened by conspiring students, academic politics, and a jealous ex-lover. 

When Gabriel is confronted by the university administration, will he be forced to share Dante’s fate? Or will he fight to keep Julia, his Beatrice, forever?

My Thoughts

I dived immediately in to Gabriel's Rapture after reading Gabriel's Inferno, and I was not disappointed! It continues on from where Gabriel's Inferno left us, the morning after Gabriel took Julia's virginity in Italy.

It isn't all smooth sailing for the couple this time around. After complaints are made about the couple, they are being investigated by the university.

I enjoyed watching Julia grow over the course of this book. Yes, she is still the 'timid little rabbit' that I grew to love in the fist book, but over the course of Gabriel's Rapture, she learnt to stand up for herself and be able to say what she wants and feels.

Gabriel was still Gabriel. The Professor I love, and at times during this book, I loved to hate him. In true Gabriel style, he again was an ASS. But after he explained his actions, I couldn't continue to hate him.

As in Gabriel's Inferno, I loved Sylvain Reynard's writing. It is captivating and I was absolutely amazed with how the thoughts of all the different characters are weaved in to the story without you really even noticing it.

If you've read Gabriel's Inferno, you have to read this and continue Gabriel and Julia's story. Now, I have to wait until December to finish their journey with them :(

My Rating


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