14 Oct 2013

REVIEW: Hunting Laura by J.A. Bailey




Laura has just signed up for a term at the exclusive school for submissives. But all is not as it seems. The sexy blonde is hiding the real reason she's there. As the classes progress, Laura is forced to face some truths about her problems with sex along with her growing attraction to her mentor, the dark and distracting Mr Hunter.

Mr Hunter promises to whip her into shape as a sub but before long he is uncovering many of her deepest secrets and desires. But will he discover her biggest secret? And can Mr Hunter really help Laura overcome her issues with his rough methods? 


Niall Hunter, a teacher at the exclusive 
Hollybourne school, knows there's something unusual about his submissive student, Laura. And its not just her issues with sex...

While his desire for her wars with his duty, Hunter is determined to help her conquer her problems and find out every secret inside that head of hers. Will he be able to fix what is broken? 

As their relationship heats up, Hunter realises he wants more than just a teacher/pupil relationship, but after being hurt in the past, can he trust the secretive woman? And does she feel more than just gratitude for him?

My Thoughts

Laura has enrolled at the Hollybourne School for Submissives. Her mentor was injured just before the term started, so she is assigned to Niall Hunter (Hunter). Although Hunter is a teacher, Laura is the first student that he has mentored.

Although intimidated by Hunter at the beginning, Laura slowly submits to him, and to her fantasies. As time progresses, Hunter finds himself falling for Laura, and he wants nothing more than to break her and make her his own.

But something doesn't quite add up about Laura. Hunter feels that she is hiding something and does some digging into her past.

As the relationship between Laura and Hunter develops, Hunter learns the truth about Laura. Is what they feel toward each other strong enough to last, or will Laura safe word?

Hunting Laura felt like such a fast read, but it was amazing just the same. There was a lot involved in the story, but it flowed very nicely. It had my attention from the very start, and held it the whole way through. In all honesty, I couldn't get enough of this book!

The characters were well developed and believable. I connected with Laura from the start. I felt her uneasiness toward Hunter and grew to love him just as she did.

The sex scenes were HOT! They were tastefully written. And there was a lot of them! If you are looking for something SEXY, HOT and STEAMY I strongly recommend giving Hunting Laura a read. You won't be disappointed!

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating



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