20 Dec 2013

REVIEW: My Beautiful Suicide (Book 1) by Atty Eve


Cosette has a rough life, but it isn’t until she accidentally kills someone that Cosette makes the decision to end it. Unwilling to hurt friends and family, Cosette feels the best method of suicide is to become a victim. But when she goes out and gets attacked; instincts take over and she ends up killing her attackers. Guilty, desperate, and scared, Cosette does the unthinkable.

“Suicide is selfish.

It tells the world that you are weak. It tells the world your family and friends have failed. It leaves them with guilt that they could have done more but didn’t. It tells them they are clueless and helpless.

I am weak, but I am not selfish.

My suicide will not leave my family and friends with guilt and shame; it will leave them thankful that they knew me for the short time I was here.” – Cosette Hugo

Her brother died. Her parents divorced. Her high school bully is relentless. Cosette doesn’t have a lot to live for, but it isn’t until she accidentally kills someone that Cosette makes the decision to take her own life.
Unwilling to bring shame to her mom, best friend Mattie, or her boyfriend Chris, Cosette decides the best method of suicide is to become a victim of the local serial killer, The Poser. But every time she goes out to find him she gets attacked; her instincts take over, and she ends up killing her attackers. This quickly leads to unbearable guilt. Desperate to finish this before she gets caught or racks up more victims, Cosette does the unthinkable.

“And when I reach my final goal, to meet my brother in heaven, and we’re looking down at my victim in Hell, he will say to me ‘Well done, Cosette. What a Beautiful Suicide.’”
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My Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed reading My Beautiful Suicide. I was looking for something out of the norm to read, and this amazing debut novel from Atty Eve was just what I was looking for!

Cosette was just an average teenage girl until her brother died. After that, her Dad left, she started being bullied at school and was just totally unhappy with her life. She decides that she needs to die.

Over the course of the story we learn that there is a serial rapist/murderer in town. One night while Cosette was running home she hears a sound coming from an alley. She goes to investigate and stumbles upon the rapist gang in action. In a case of self defense she kills the attacker. What Cosette didn't expect was the feeling she had after the murder - she liked it!

I connected instantly with Cosette. All the characters in the book were well developed and very entertaining. The story itself had a bit of everything. There was humour, romance, suspense, thrill and everything flowed nicely.

I can't wait to read the next installment in the series!

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