1 Dec 2013

REVIEW: Sex. Love. Repeat. by Alessandra Torre


I love two men. I screw two men. I am in a relationship with them both, and they are both aware there is another. That is all they need to know, that is all I let them know. They don't need to know a name; they don't need to know anything but that they are not alone in my heart.

They have accepted the situation. Stewart, because his life is too busy for the sort of obligations that are required in a relationship. Paul, because he loves me too much to tell me no. And because my sexual appetite is such that one man has trouble keeping up.

I should have paid more attention, should have looked around and noticed the woman who watched it all. She sat in the background and waited, tried to figure me out. Saw my two relationships, the love between us, and the moment that it all fell apart.

She hates me.
I don't even know she exists.
She loves them. I love them.
And they love me.

EVERYTHING else hangs in the balance.

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My Thoughts

I really enjoyed Sex. Love. Repeat. It was a unique story with an unpredictable twist and some super HOT lovin'!

As the synopsis states, Madison is in love with two men. Stewart has money and lives for his job. He is unable to give her the time she needs or commit to a relationship. He is only able to give her mind blowing sex when his schedule allows. To ease his guilt, he suggests that Madison finds a boyfriend - someone that will love her, be there for her when he can't and so she isn't alone and out sleeping with random men.

A chance encounter in the roller coaster line brings Paul into Madison's life. He is the opposite of Stewart, and has all the time in the world for her. Both men fulfill a sexual need in Madison that she doesn't get from the other, both men know that they only have half of her heart, and both men are anonymous to each other.

Over the course of the story we meet Dana. She is watching Madison from a distance. Observing what she is doing with both men and trying to figure out what exactly the situation is. After all, Dana also loves both Stewart and Paul.

Madison almost loses her life after a surfing accident, and while in hospital, both of her men are brought together. They realise that their situation is unhealthy, and they have a decision to make.

I loved the connection I felt with Madison, Stewart and Paul. I didn't connect so much with Dana, but we only get small glimpses of her until closer to the end when things really start to unfold. The characters were lovable and very believable.

The sex scenes were HOT! Scorching HOT, and I enjoyed the journey I was taken on while I was lost within Alessandra's words.

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