9 Jan 2014

REVIEW: Lucky Number Four by Amanda Jason


Pandora Ann Phillips' life is just normal-crazy

Her mom's a psychic, her dad's mom is a snob, her mom's parental units are "too down to earth" and her best friends are newlyweds. Okay, so her best friends being newlyweds isn't really abnormal, but living with them in a cramped two-bedroom apartment definitely is. Sex, sex, sex is totally on their minds. Actually it's not only on their minds, but it's on the kitchen table, couch, on top of the washer...well, you get the picture.

Being a celibate (not by choice, mind you) full-time college student, and an almost full-time barista, Pandora can't afford to lose anymore sleep. So, she seeks out a new place to lay her head. Enter three "drool worthy" male models that are looking for a fourth roommate and they want her...and won't take no for an answer.

Hilarity ensues as Pandora's life turns completely upside down, and she begins to wonder if it will ever be the same again!

My Thoughts

Pandora, or Dora, was a great character. She knew what she wanted out of life, and was working towards obtaining her goals. Her dialogue was humorous and she had me laughing. Although, after the male models entered the story, her self esteem seemed to take a massive nose dive. She was constantly thinking that she wasn't good enough for their friendship or the attention they were showing her.

The male models were great too. Each had different personalities and were protective over Dora. They too were quite funny at times. 

For me, the story line was a little far fetched. The idea of 3 gorgeous male models seeking out a (supposedly) plain Jane as their roommate didn't come across as realistic. BUT, this is a work of fiction. It doesn't have to be realistic. 

Overall, Lucky Number Four was a light, humorous read that made me feel the warm and fuzzies. If you are looking for something romantic, with a touch of funny, then definitely read this book!

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