6 Jan 2014

REVIEW: Seducing Simon by Maya Banks



Toni Langston certainly has her share of problems. She's in love with one of her best friends, Simon. Firemen Simon lives with Toni and her brother and another fireman they're best friends with. The four have been friends since high school and Toni has been in love with Simon for seemingly forever.

The night Simon broke up with his girlfriend, Toni offered a shoulder—and so much more. The problem? The next morning Simon remembers nothing of the previous night, nor does he recall calling out his ex girlfriend's name in the heat of passion, effectively putting a damper on what Toni had hoped was the culmination of her heart's desire.

Just when Toni thinks she can put the night behind her and come to terms with never having a chance with her best friend—a man she's still in love with—a pregnancy test changes everything. Now she faces the most difficult decision of her life. Does she tell Simon he's going to be a father when he has no memory of the event? Or does she try to make him fall in love with her first so she can be certain he isn't with her out of a sense of obligation.

And the biggest question of all. How will Simon react when he learns the truth about who the father of Toni's child is? 

My Thougths

This was the first Maya Banks novel that I have read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a re release of one of her early works. I spotted it, read the synopsis, 1-Clicked and began reading.

I liked Toni. She was caring and looked out for the three men that she lives with. They had a great friendship/family dynamic happening. I could relate to her crush on Simon that she had kept hidden for so long, and I understood her fear of their family dynamic changing if she pursued a relationship with him and it didn't work out.

Simon was a great guy too. I loved him! He cared deeply for Toni and wanted to support her through her pregnancy regardless of not knowing that he was the father. He also was hiding feelings for Toni.

Seducing Simon had a push/pull feel to it. As soon as Toni and Simon started to work at a relationship, something, or someone, would interfere. As soon as they started to work it out, something else would happen. The relationship Gods definitely didn't make it easy for them.

The writing style was good. It kept me interested and there were a few sneaky point of view changes that I didn't even realise until I noticed that I was reading from the other person's POV. With saying that, it wasn't confusing. It worked with this story. But, it needed an epilogue. I was left wanting to know what happens next for Toni and Simon.

My Rating



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