18 Mar 2014

REVIEW: The Ice Seduction by S.K. Quinn


The Nanny. The master of the house. A forbidden love…

When Seraphina Harper accepts a nanny position at Mansfield Castle, she’s intrigued to learn that her new boss is Lord Patrick Mansfield – a young, wealthy ex-army officer who is as tough as he is handsome.

Strong and disciplined, Patrick believes that in his cold woodland castle, what he says goes.

But Seraphina isn’t a girl who likes following orders – especially from a man as arrogant as Patrick.

Before long, the pair fall into a forbidden, obsessive love affair that breaks all the rules…

My Thoughts

Seraphina Harper (Sera) is living on a house boat and raising her 16 year old sister. When she loses her Nanny position, she seeks help from her agent and friend. The only position available happens to be at Mansfield Castle in Scotland, for a troubled boy, Bertie, who goes through Nannies weekly.

Patrick Mansfield is Bertie's uncle. He's an ex army officer, hot as hell, and as alpha as they come. There is an instant attraction between him and Sera. At first, Sera tries to ignore it, but it soon becomes too much for her to ignore and she slowly gives in to him.

I absolutely LOVED this book! The story line was engaging, and kept me guessing what was going to happen next. I didn't want it to end! 

The characters were believable and I connected to them easily. I loved Bertie! My heart felt for him. He is such a tortured soul, wise beyond his years. I loved how Sera spoke her mind and wasn't afraid to question the way things were run at Mansfield Castle. I loved how Patrick was protective of Sera and Bertie, even if he did come off as little stalkerish ;)

I can't wait to read more of Seraphina and Patrick's story.

My Rating


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