16 Jun 2014

REVIEW: That Kiss (That Kiss, That Promise #1) by Kate Squires


He puts his fingers gently on my chin, lifts my head slightly and softly places a gentle kiss on my lips.

The road to love is never easy in Kate Squires’s delightful new novel, That Kiss.

Chloe Shepherd and Matt Masen have been best friends since they were kids. But when they share a passionate kiss after a high school graduation party, neither know exactly how to react.

Five years later, Chloe is just launching a successful career as a Broadway dancer when Matt gets a job at the exact same theatre!

Despite having not seen each other since that fateful night so many years ago, their spark is immediate—and overwhelming.

Incredibly naïve, Chloe is still unsure of Matt’s feelings for her. Any attempts to fight her growing attraction are immediately put to rest after a passionate confession leaves them both head-over-heels.

But soon obstacles threaten the happy couple in the form of Matt’s vengeful ex-girlfriend and an eager outsider who wants nothing more than to make Chloe forget all about Matt.

Can Matt and Chloe wade through the lies and find their way back to each other? Or is their relationship over before it can even begin?

My Thoughts

This book appeared on my Facebook feed and it was only 99c! I read the synopsis and it sounded like just the book I was in the mood for. Also, I absolutely LOVE the cover! I stopped what I was reading, and jumped right into That Kiss! And I wasn't disappointed.

That Kiss is about first love. A love so strong that you never forget it, or get over it. A love that can stand the test of time, and all obstacles thrown in it's path. A love that years later finds it's way back to you.

The story itself was fantastic. I found myself reading at every opportunity I could. It was entertaining and addictive. There was never a dull moment. Just as you are lead to believe that all is great in the world of Matt and Chloe, they are thrown an obstacle that they have to hurdle.

I adored Chloe and Matt. I easily connected with them and I felt both their joy and pain right along with them. Their chemistry was strong and tangible. I guess it has to be to overcome all that they have.

And what an epilogue! I get the impression that there is more to come in the future... I certainly hope so!

My Rating


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