12 Oct 2014

REVIEW: Mathilda, SuperWitch (Mathilda's Book of Shadows #1) by Kristen Ashley


On Hallowe’en night, Mathilda Honeycutt finds out she’s a SuperWitch. Not the modern, hippy kind… the real, wand-wielding, pixie dust kind. After a life devoted to retail and coffee drinks, Mathilda is thrown into the secret world of witches, warlocks, werewolves, vampires, faeries, headless horsemen, you name it, it exists… even whirling dervishes!

As Mathilda discovers her magic, she also discovers she’s prophesied to save the world. Problem is, she’d rather spend her time on online auctions, bidding on cut-rate but fabulous designer shoes. Now, she’s got to save the world, run her coffee house, battle against her co-worker in “The War of the Wooden Spoons” and figure out what’s going on with the silent, watchful (but yummy) Sebastian Wilding, a member of a centuries old Secret Society who has vowed to keep her safe and brainy, sweet (and hot) Dr. Aidan Seymour, a maverick member of The Royal Institute of Psychical Research. Making matters worse, her nemesis is a powerful witch who doesn’t mind fighting dirty.

Will Mathilda be able to save the world while still being perfectly accessorized? And how is she going to pick between Luscious Sebastian and Dreamy Aidan? And will she be able to talk The Witches Council into updating their uniform? And, lastly, will she ever get the hang of riding around on a broom?

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My Thoughts

Before reading this, I read a lot of the reviews on Goodreads. They are all over the place with ratings, but I decided to give it a go anyway. I am so glad that I stuck with it!

Yes, Mathilda, SuperWitch is written and diary style. And yes, when you begin to read it, it is quite annoying. What annoyed me the most wasn't the diary style of writing so much, it was all Mathilda's inner thoughts after inner thoughts and brackets upon brackets within the book. It took a while for me to train my mind to ignore them. 

Mathilda herself was also quite annoying at times. She is a 34 year old woman, but the way she carries on and by the way that she thinks, she could have just as easily been 15. She came off as quite immature, and she was such a drama queen!

After I got past my issue with Mathilda's inner thoughts and all the brackets within the story, the book actually flowed quite nicely and I was totally hooked!

There's a taste of every paranormal and magical creature in this story. There's a lot of action and a story line that kept me guessing throughout. There are TWO heroes with totally opposite personalities, but who are both equally lovable.

I thought the book ended quite well. The storyline, for the most part, finished nicely. The annoying thing? We as readers are left wondering which of the two heroes Mathilda is going to choose! We are left hanging! Without even the tiniest clue as to which way she is going to swing!

I sure hope that the sequel to Mathilda, SuperWitch isn't too far away. I feel for those who have read it in previous years and are still waiting for the second book!

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