27 Sep 2015

REVIEW: The Pull by Sara V. Zook


Having two women wanting you at the same time … isn’t that every man’s fantasy? Wrong. It’s a nightmare, at least for Darin Thorne. The doctors had assured him his wife was going to die, sooner or later, so he’d moved on with someone else. Then he’d gotten the last call he’d expected to ever get—his wife was back from the dead. She’s coming home from the hospital and needs a place to stay. Darin is forced to invite her to come home with him. Two women living under the same roof, one his wife, the other his fiancé. Could this ever work? Darin feels a storm brewing in his life. He can’t possibly live like this much longer. The question still stands … which woman will he choose?

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My Thoughts

I bought this new release after being intrigued with the synopsis. It was a short story, and it was over very quickly.

Darin did the right thing looking after his wife Livvy after she came back, but he was a weak person. He needed to be more assertive in life.

Violet? Well, I loved to hate her.

Livvy? I think anyone who reads this story will most definitely be on her side. She's the one that had my sympathy from the word go. How could she not? None of what she has gone through is her fault.

And the ending? OMG!

The story was unique, and while I enjoyed the book as a whole, I didn't love it.

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