27 Sep 2015

REVIEW: The Push (A Sequel to The Pull) by Sara V. Zook


An accident. A coma. Another woman stealing her husband’s heart.

Livvy Thorne has been through hell. She’s just gotten Darin back, and with Violet now out of the picture, she can focus on her marriage and the anticipated arrival of their newborn son. Having a family, that’s not too much to ask for, is it?

A heart attack. A hospital. More pain.

Another man is about to step into Livvy’s life to help her through the torments she’s experiencing. Will she lean on him and forget everything she’s worked so hard to get back?

Sometimes our destiny is to be happy, uplifted, and content. Other times our destiny stabs us in the back, laughs at our suffering, and pushes us down. 

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My Thoughts

I enjoyed The Push a lot more than I did The Pull. I think it's because I already knew the characters so I didn't need the time to try to connect with them.

The Push continues directly from where The Pull left us. The story line held my attention and there was always something happening, but it wasn't over the top.

I won't give anything away as it is a short book, but if you've read The Pull, you definitely need to read this and continue the story.

As with the Pull, The Push is left open for another installment. And while it's not a full on cliffhanger, there is definitely more of this story to be told.

I look forward to reading what's to come.

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